söndag 17 februari 2008

A Change Is Gonna Come

Vem sa vad av de US-amerikanska kandidaterna i det evighetslånga valet?

1. Barack Obama
2. John Edwards
3. Hillary Clinton
4. John McCain
5. Mike Huckabee
6. Bill Richardson
7. Mitt Romney
8. Rudy Giuliani

A) ”Americans are looking for a change!”
B) “Our time for change has come”
C) “I believe deeply in change.”
D) “Look what we need is change, there´s no question.”
E) “I know that I have been an agent of change.”
F) “I want to make change but I´ve already made change. I will continue to make change... I embody change.”
G) “Not only can I talk change with you, I´ve lived it.”
H) “We don´t mention September 11:th nearly as much as people think.”

Källa: The New Yorker

Svar: 1:b, 2:c, 3:f, 4:e, 5:a, 6:d, 7:g, 8, mr Nine-Eleven himself:h.

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