tisdag 23 juni 2009

Iran Och USA:s Roll

Från The Guardian: Stephen Kinzer:

Carrying a picture of Mossadeq today means two things: "We want democracy" and "No foreign intervention". These demands fit together in the minds of most Iranians. Desperate as they are for the political freedom their parents and grandparents enjoyed in the early 1950s, they have no illusion that foreigners can bring it to them. In fact, foreign intervention has brought them nothing but misery.

The US sowed the seeds of repression in Iran by deposing Mossadeq in 1953, and then helped bathe Iran in blood by giving Saddam Hussein generous military aid during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. Militants in Washington who now want the US to intervene on behalf of Iranian protesters either are unaware of this history or delude themselves into thinking that Iranians have forgotten it. Some of them, in fact, are the same people who were demanding just last year that the US bomb Iran – an act which would have killed many of the brave young protesters they now hold up as heroes.

America's moral authority in Iran is all but non-existent.

Med andra ord gäller inte Fredrik Malms och andra vita liberalers slagord: USA in i Iran.

I USA finns dock som sagt hökar som vill in i Iran. Daniel Pipes hade röstat på förintelseförnekaren Ahmadinejad därför att: "I would prefer to have an enemy who's forthright, blatant, and obvious."

(Inom parentes sagt vet jag inte hur vanligt det är med Mossadeqplakat.)

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